Children and Adolescents

We offer individual counseling sessions to adolescents and children (aged 7+), utilizing elements of play therapy, art therapy, and/or traditional therapy techniques.


We have counseling available to assist with reaching goals, difficult transitions, trauma, and/or mental illness for adults in all phases of life.

Family Therapy

All families struggle at times, and we want to assist in working through conflict and communication difficulties. We have family counseling sessions available to help build or restore your family's health.

The Initial Consultation

This is our opportunity to get to know one another, discuss history and current challenges, and hopefully establish goals that we will pursue through therapy. We will review the paperwork submitted and clarify the purpose, nature, and limitations of the counseling experience. During this hour, we will also assess the reasons bringing you to counseling, discuss portions of your history and your current circumstance in life, and identify what your initial goals may be. Although we certainly won’t be able to cover everything that may eventually become a part of the counseling sessions, this gives us an excellent place to start and ensures that the client and the professional begin the relationship on the same page.

What can I expect in counseling sessions?

Well, let me start by telling you what not to expect. First, counselors are not magical. We do not have a magic wand, or for that matter, magic words. Counselors are helpers, not healers. Many people come to counseling expecting the therapist to “fix” them or their spouse or their child. The truth of the matter is that people can change, and counselors can be integral in the process; however, it is a process. With that in mind, be patient with yourself, and be patient with us. There will be moments of clarity and moments of confusion. Psychological and social problems take time to develop, and more likely than not, they will take time to overcome. Lastly, in this process, we hope that you can expect to be heard and understood, respected and encouraged, challenged and empowered, and perhaps most important of all, we hope you are made to feel like you matter, because you do.


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